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The picture-perfect paradise of Negril is one of Jamaica’s most-loved and beautiful resort towns. On the far western side of Jamaica, Negril is famous for stunning beaches, magnificent sunsets, and a family-friendly vibe. Known as the place for ultimate relaxation in Jamaica, Negril also offers a wealth of phenomenal locations to discover and an abundance of activities to keep the whole family entertained. While there is an easy pace of life, Negril is also packed with activity and this guide highlights the best things to do in the town. Whether you are looking to chill or for adventure, if you’re planning a trip to Jamaica, this blog shares the top things to do and places to see.

YS Falls

YS Falls Jamaica

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YS Falls is one of the top attractions to visit for guests staying in the resort town of Negril. YS Falls is located in the heart of the exotic rainforest and is home to seven waterfalls, natural pools, and lush gardens. Known as one of Jamaica’s finest natural attractions, the unspoiled area of YS Falls is one of magnificent beauty and a location where you can experience both relaxation and adventure. Admire the magnificent backdrop of the rainforest and swim in the calming natural pools for a tranquil experience in the heart of nature. For a bit of excitement, the falls feature rope swings and a zip-line over the falls to fuel your inner thrill-seeker.

Super Travel Tip – Jamaica Super Tours offers several tours that include a visit to YS Falls. Enjoy a day to remember by enjoying your trip to YS Falls as part of a tour that also includes an Appleton Rum tour or a Black River Safari.

Join a Rum Tour at the Appleton Estate

Credit: Appleton Estates

The Caribbean, Jamaica, in particular, is famous for rum, and have you experienced Jamaica if you haven’t sampled the delicious sugarcane juice? Appleton Estate is considered an artist in the world of rum and lucky for visitors, they offer tours of their vast estate.

Guest having a drink and great time at Appleton Rum Estates

Credit: Appleton Estates

The rum experience allows visitors to gain a deep appreciation for the rum creation and experience a strong part of Jamaica’s history while providing a delicious tasting experience and serving inventive cocktails in their Black River Lounge.

Relax at Seven Mile Beach

Negril Beach

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Voted on countless occasions as one of the world’s best beaches, Jamaica’s Seven Mile Beach is a true gem with turquoise waters, white sands, and dramatic sunsets. The famous beach is an absolute paradise with a tranquil vibe and luscious surroundings. This oasis is a perfect place for relaxation and sunbathing while the beachfront also offers a brilliant list of water sports. Snorkeling and scuba diving are also popular in the area with the Caribbean waters crystal clear and home to an abundance of marine life.

Black River Safari Tour

Tourist on boat at Black River Safari in Jamaica

Jamaica is an island overflowing with natural beauty but nowhere in the country offers such unspoiled, rugged nature as the Black River. Cruise through the rainforest on a Black River safari as your pontoon sails through one of Jamaica’s most natural and untouched locations. Pass by quaint traditional villages dotted throughout the jungle, see a wealth of tropical plants along the river banks, and encounter Jamaica’s exotic wildlife including the endangered American Crocodile.

Watch the Sunset in Negril

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With its western location, Negril is one of the best places in Jamaica to watch the sunset. The Caribbean showcases magnificent sunsets and in Negril, they can be admired from the beautiful beaches or while enjoying a drink from one of the many beachfront bars and restaurants. One of the best spots to witness the glorious setting of the sun is the world-famous Rick’s Café, an iconic drinking spot in Jamaica known for its incredible drinks menu and cliff-jumping opportunities.

Snorkel the Negril Reef

Snorkeling in Jamaica

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The Caribbean waters have some of the best locations in the world to enjoy snorkeling and Negril Reef is the best off the coast of Jamaica. The crystal clear waters open up to a beautiful underwater world with the shallow reef home to conch shells, tiny jellyfish, and other sea life. The reef can be reached by a glass-bottom boat and the shallow waters are perfect for first-time snorkelers as well as experienced underwater explorers.

Browse Negril Craft Market

Craft Market in Jamaica

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Negril’s Craft Market is the perfect place to pick up gifts and souvenirs. The products for sale are locally crafted, handmade, and created with love, the perfect items to pick up if you’re looking for something unique to remember your Jamaican adventure. The market is also a great place to interact with the locals, a beautiful way to experience the country.

Cross over to Booby Cay

This stunning little island just off the coast of Negril has phenomenal natural scenery with powdered sands, serene waters, and excellent views of Negril. The small island can easily be reached by boat but you can even swim if you go early enough to beat the water traffic. Booby Cay is quieter than the main beaches of Negril providing the perfect base for sunbathing and is also the natural habitat for the Booby birds making it a great place for wildlife enthusiasts to visit. The island’s restaurant is also well known for its delicious menu of crustaceans, particularly famous for its Caribbean lobster dishes.

Climb Aboard the One Love Bus

Jamaica is a country all about the people, the culture, and the community. With a ‘one love’ vibe, reggae jams, and delicious alcohol, the Jamaican nightlife is one to be rivaled and the One Love Bus is a great introduction to it all. If you are interested in socializing and joining the party, the One Love Bus is a bar crawl taking in the best bars in Negril’s West End during a fun-filled afternoon before ending at the famous Rick’s Café for sunset.  

Jump into Blue Hole Mineral Spring

While located approximately 25 miles from Negril, Blue Hole Mineral Spring is a must-visit when staying in the town. The natural spring is a therapeutic spot in a peaceful environment with cool waters. The spring is also surrounded by clay mud that is beneficial for the skin when massaged in and adds an extra element of relaxation to your visit. The spring has a ladder for easy access but is also deep enough to jump into if you fancy a thrill.

Enjoy a Bumpy Ride on an ATV / Dunn Buggy

ATV Dunn Buggy riding in Jamaica

One of Negril’s most exciting activities is embarking on an exhilarating ATV ride. Bounce through the muddy Jamaican countryside and enjoy a thrilling, bumpy ride off the beaten track. Explore the depths of the jungle in a mud buggy that is guaranteed to be a messy adventure on Jamaica’s outback trails. Tours will vary by company but many take in beautiful waterfalls, hiking trails, and the exotic aviary.

Super Travel Tip – A large variety of tour companies offer ATV / Dunn Buggy tours, so make sure to research both the points of interest each tour offers and what is included to find the tour that is right for you.

Explore Barney’s Flower and Hummingbird Garden

This intimate garden is one of Negril’s most underrated attractions. Showcasing a wealth of tropical flora and an abundance of exotic hummingbirds, the garden is one of extreme beauty and breathtaking nature. Barney’s Flower and Hummingbird Garden is a small paradise, home to Jamaica’s rich and ever-changing flora and attracting the country’s exquisite hummingbirds. While wildlife spotting can be unpredictable, the garden is the best place in Jamaica for a chance to witness exotic birds.

Discover the Rhodes Hall Plantation

With a long history of sugar and fruit plantations, the Caribbean offers many experiences for travelers to visit plantation estates and learn the history of the trades. Jamaica is no exception and Rhodes Hall Plantation offers an insight into the 18th-century plantation life with a deep immersion into the history and culture of the time. The impressive 550-acre estate boasts a magnificent property, two private beaches, and several hiking trails while also well known for offering one of the best horseback riding experiences on the island.

Visit Roaring River Park

Located just a short distance from Negril, Roaring River Park is a heritage and nature park located on a former plantation site. Named after the roaring waters of the river, the park is loved by both locals and tourists who are awe-struck by the mysterious atmosphere. The main attraction of Roaring River Park is the underground caverns, in particular, Roaring River Cave. The cave features a mineral spring providing a refreshing swim spot and a sinkhole that locals believe to be bottomless. The surrounding park also offers a beautiful landscape to enjoy while kicking back in the cool, energizing waters.

Experience an Off-Road Safari

Explore the wildness of Jamaica in a 4×4 and experience the country through an off-road safari. Safaris take you to the heart of the country to discover Jamaica in its purest form by taking you out of the resorts and off the beaten track. You will discover incredible local landmarks, visit hidden waterfalls, and journey through the countryside, all while learning about the history and culture of the Caribbean country. While you can join safaris across Jamaica, the best starting point is from Negril with easy access to the spectacular countryside and breathtaking views.


As well as being a paradise destination, Negril is a great place to explore and enjoy an adventure. With so much to see and so many things to do, you will be spoilt for the choice of what to include in your itinerary. Whether it’s your first trip to Jamaica or you’re looking for something new to do on a subsequent trip, make sure you bookmark this post so that you have it handy! If you have done any of these activities, let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you!

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